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Cloud Computing Certification Courses | 1 Day Seminar On Cloud Computing/Cloud Computing Specialist/1 Day BootCamp on Cloud Computing/Certified Cloud Computing Professional Program/Certified Cloud Security Specialist Training and Certification


Introduction and Overview

Certified Cloud Computing Specialist is a 5-day intensive training program with hands-on and project work component (PWC) that participants will carry out at the end of the training. This program is specially designed to address the growing need for developing skills and expertise in this emerging Infocomm area Cloud Computing. The program will help the participants gain comprehensive understanding of Cloud Computing, various types of clouds and current cloud offerings that they can make use for different kinds of applications in various business sectors. They will also gain the skills they need to identify Cloud Computing’s potential, benefits and risks and to evaluate cloud’s various offerings.In particular, it will also impart participant an in-depth knowledge of Cloud Computing – architectures, technologies, application development on clouds, emerging cloud standards, and performance monitoring and evaluation. The program will provide participants essential skills to examine Cloud Computing as well the technologies and framework that support Cloud Computing, the ability to apply Cloud Computing in different application contexts, and the ability to review and recommend suitability of, as well as implications of, Cloud Computing for a given application considering several technical and non-technical aspects.Participants will gain requisite skills to review in-depth a variety of currently available Cloud Computing options, satisfactorily address the issue and challenges, develop cloud-based applications, offer Cloud-Computing services, and deploy applications in clouds, addressing the cloud challenges.
  • An in-depth understanding of cloud computing service models, deployment models, architecture with cloud service
    providers and the business aspects of adapting cloud into organization
  • Understand the various reasons behind cloud application deployment considerations, cloud economics and ROI with
    case studies
  • Acquire knowledge on virtualization, identity management, cloud testing, cloud monitoring and management
  • Understand cloud security and privacy issues
  • Learn the complete process of how to build and manage a private cloud with real time scenarios
  • Learn IaaS and PaaS cloud tools including cloud infrastructure management, cloud coding/programming and
    application deployment capabilities
Participants are expected to have any one of the following certifications to take up this GSTF CCCS

1. GSTF Certified Cloud Computing Associate (CCCA)
2. EXIN Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Computing: Concepts and Overview
  • A Closer Look: Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing: Service & Deployment Models
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Service Providers & Services
  • Business Aspects of Cloud Computing & Adoption
  • Cloud Application deployment considerations
  • Cloud Computing: Economics and ROI
  • Case Studies: Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization & Other Technologies
  • Cloud Computing: Security, Privacy and Risks
  • Cloud Computing: Identity and Access Management
  • Cloud Monitoring, Management & Testing
  • Pricing of Cloud Services and SLA in Cloud
  • Building a Private Cloud
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How to Register?

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CITREP + Funding is available to Singapore Citizens only (For both company or individual sponsored candidates).

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